Hi! I'm Traci Franssen, a proud graduate of the Chesterfield County Mathematics and Science High School Renaissance Program at Clover Hill.  As a committed advocate for public schools, I'm running for school board from the Matoaca district in Chesterfield County to put the needs of our students first by passing common sense policies that put all students on the path to success while keeping them safe and respecting their differences.

My parents moved our family to Chesterfield in 1995 because the reputation of the schools here preceded itself.  I was tremendously lucky to have amazing teachers - Mr. Bader for 11th and 12th grade English, Mrs. Leighty for calculus, Ms. Patterson for drama are a few of the standouts - who crafted dynamic lessons that engaged us in learning. 

Now, my husband and I reside in the Matoaca district here in Chesterfield and as hopeful future parents we are troubled by the trends of teachers leaving the classrooms, late buses, and inadequate communication.  That's why I'm motivated to work to recruit and retain enough qualified teachers for every classroom in Chesterfield and enough support staff to allow teachers to focus on teaching.  Smaller classes and community support in the schools are critical components of comprehensive school safety.

As a current logistics business owner, I know that a well-educated employee pool is essential to a thriving community. As a homeowner, I understand that a well-functioning public school system is vital to a safe and vibrant neighborhood.  As the sister of  an award-winning teacher, I am well aware that teachers and staff deserve respect on the job and pay that keeps up with inflation.

I have dedicated myself to standing up for fairness and opportunities for all kids by advocating at the local, state, and federal levels for people-focused policies.  Now, I'm ready for a seat at the table.   I will bring with me lessons learned from working in the logistics industry which requires a broad vision for how various components interact and thinking through implications of change to ensure smooth transitions.

If you're in the Matoaca district of Chesterfield County, I'm asking for your vote on or before November 7th, 2023. And regardless of where you live, I'm asking for your support to help the campaign connect with voters. Together, we can make Chesterfield County schools the best they can be.

Thank you!